Call Of The Avant-Garde Constructivism And Australian Art - Heide Museum

For more than one hundred years, artists have drawn inspiration from the early twentieth-century avant-garde movement Constructivism. Its abstract forms, utopian ideals and vision of art’s vital role in constructing a new society have continued to act as a beacon for artists of successive generations in many countries. This extensive survey of over seventy artists explores how Australian artists have responded to this ground breaking modernist movement and its enduring call upon their imaginations from the 1930s to the present day.

One of the most far-reaching modernist movements, Constructivism fundamentally changed the course of the twentieth-century art and design through it's language of geometric forms, it's utopian aspirations and visions of artists role in society. In Australia, the first abstract artists influenced by constructivist precepts emerged as part of this broader movement of International Constructivism. Taking their work into the factories and onto the streets the aligned themselves  with industry and utilitarian purpose.